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Everyday prices

Monday – Friday kl. 10 o´clock – 17 o´clock
100:-/lane (1 hour)

Monday – thursday after 17 o´clock
150:-/lane (1 hour)

Fridays 17 o´clock
180:-/lane (1hour)

180:-/lane (1 hour)


Discobowling (Cosmic bowling)
Every friday & saturdaynight we offer ”Discobowling” with discolights and groovy music. We start at 17 o´clock and end at 22. You pay 180:-/1 hour

Happy Hour
50:-/lane (1 hour)
Only Drop in!
Monday to friday 14.00-17.00

We offer you the perfect solution for the children's birthday party:
1 hour Discobowling, saft, chokladboll, a bun, a bag of candy and a small gift for the birthday child. Our party requires practically no effort from you! Just watch your kids have fun, and then we take care of the rest!
Party reservations can only be made by phone!
072-230 05 80, 0270–724 81
Price for each participant 100:-

Drop in, 50:-/hour



Söderhamns kommun

Söderhamns Bowlinghall
Styrmansgatan 4
826 80 Söderhamn
Tel: 0270 - 724 81

Granskad/Uppdaterad: 2018-02-08

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Söderhamns kommun, 826 80 Söderhamn Tel 0270-750 00, Fax 0270-411 60, E-post - Ytterligare kontaktuppgifter